What is “The Mode?” .. its NOT abt the everyday women, but JUST THE IDEA of what a woman should look like. CURVES are those of a WOMAN.

September 18, 2015 10:15 AM

Ashley Graham Talks “Jiggling” on the Runway — Says We Should Stop Saying “Plus-Size”


Ashley Graham’s taking the fashion world by storm!

The model stole the spotlight during New York Fashion Week, where she debuted her Addition Elle/Ashley Graham Lingerie Collection on Tuesday in NYC.

Graham stopped by “Good Morning America” on Friday, where she opened about about her NYFW experience while chatting with GMA’s Robin Roberts.

“It felt good,” the 27-year-old said about strutting down the catwalk in NYC. “I enjoy lingerie in general and the being able to showcase my line — on the runway — it was amazing.  I’m still trying to pinch myself to make sure that it actually happened.”

Roberts also asked the model why she thinks she has been able to resonate with so many people.

“Because I talk about the flaws that society said that women like I have. I’ve got rolls, I’ve got curves, I’ve got cellulite” she explained. “Things jiggle that shouldn’t jiggle, apparently — and I’m not afraid to talk about it, and I am not afraid to showcase it on a runway live in action.”

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“I really want women to know that you’re included,” she said. “We’re talking about the everyday women. We’re not talking about the idea of what a woman should look like.”

Graham also has a problem with the word “plus-size” when referring to women with curves, and hopes that one day women can all just be equals.

“I really think that the word ‘plus-size’ is dividing what women think of each other,” she confessed. “I think if we just got rid of that label and just said, ‘Look you’re a woman, I’m not going to describe you because of a number in your pants.’ Then at the end of the day, we can all just be equal.”

We love Ashley’s honesty — what do you think about Graham’s candid comments? Sound off below and check out the gallery above to see more celeb sightings from NYFW!

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